Internet Service Provider

Online video consumptions is growing heavily as viewers are increasingly turning to Over The Top(OTT) streaming services. Satisfying the consumer demand for more and better quality online video requires enormous network infrastructure investments. ISP’s are struggling to find new revenue streams that can compensate the huge network infrastructure investments necessary to keep pace with OTT bandwidth demands. Broadband subscription revenue alone won’t be nearly enough to meet these expenditures.

ISP’s can convert this threat to opportunity by implementing OTT technology. ISP’s can help content owners/broadcasters to expand their content offering to more viewers by using the Internet to deliver live TV channels programming and video on demand services. In this way, implementing OTT technology will help ISP’s to create extra revenue.

CNNM TV OTT Platform provides an efficient set of technologies and infrastructure to facilitate seamless OTT video delivery. Contact us to learn how your ISP can get more business by implementing OTT technology