Multi System Operators

The revenues of many Multi System Operators are declining due to the growth of OTT streaming services. MSOs have enjoyed exclusivity in a number of market scenarios for years. However, today, all this is fast changing with the growth of OTT.

It’s time for MSO’s to implement OTT technology to create better value additions for their subscribers and at the same time increase their chances to monetize their efforts. MSOs can adopt a distribution strategy of OTT streaming services by optimizing broadband speeds, utilize OTT device platforms, and offer OTT apps to their customers and position themselves as broadband-centric service provider. This strategy will enable MSOs to take advantage of the ongoing content delivery revolution.

CNNM TV OTT Platform provides an efficient set of technologies and infrastructure to facilitate seamless OTT video delivery. Contact us to learn how your MSO can get more business by implementing OTT technology